The Regular Joe Publication in conjunction with The St. Joseph Music Foundation, announce the first annual World Tenderloin Championship. The event will take place on Fri, Sat and Sun, July 31, August 1 & 2, 2020, in St. Joseph’s City Center Park, at 10th & Frederick, as part of the JoeStock XI Music Festival.

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Good Bait from the Coltrane Station

I recently acquired a lot of new music, on vinyl and CD. My mother moved out of the house we’d lived
in since 1958, and gave me a lifetime’s collection. The vinyl included some iconic recordings from my
childhood. There are albums from Jonathan Winters, Frank Sinatra, and the Baja Marimba Band, not to
mention Beethoven and Bach.

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Jaybird On Schools

When you put your thoughts and words out there on a regular basis, folks come to expect an opinion on everything that comes up. While I generally have strong ideas on a lot of subjects, sometimes I’m torn. The hard issues are hard for everybody and I’m no exception.

And since I’ve been pretty vocal about schools on multiple occasions, I’m repeatedly asked about the latest controversy.

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You Write Where You Are

You Write WHERE?

David Mamet’s collection of essays entitled WRITING IN RESTAURANTS inspired me to write just about everywhere. Like the pervert-preacher in MIDNIGHT COWBOY, I’ve written on rooftops, I’ve written in bus stations, I’ve written in brothels.

In the interest of full disclosure: Mamet argues that radio is a great training ground for writers, so, perhaps he is not to be trusted.

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100 Beaches in a Bowl

Someday, in I hope the far distant future, somebody will throw out the glass bowl that currently sits on a shelf in our bathroom. While it means the world to me, both literally and figuratively, it will sadly be near worthless to anybody else after we’re gone. Though I won’t be surprised if they dump it and keep the bowl.

It’s filled with sand and seashells mostly, with a few tiny coral pieces mixed in, and a generous sprinkling of colorful sea glass. They’re the treasures of maybe a hundred perfect days with my family, on some beach or another.

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Our Updated Tenderloin Map

One of the things (the many things) I failed to consider when I registered our “St. Joseph, Missouri – Tenderloin Capital of the World®” trademark, was having to create and maintain the map of locations. If you’re going to make such an audacious claim, you better help people find the darn things, when they come check it out.

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