Our Updated Tenderloin Map

By Jay Kerner

One of the things (the many things) I failed to consider when I registered our “St. Joseph, Missouri – Tenderloin Capital of the World®” trademark, was having to create and maintain the map of locations. If you’re going to make such an audacious claim, you better help people find the darn things, when they come check it out.

So, first we listened to our readers when you told us your favorites.

And boy, did you tell us!

Discovered some good ones we’d never heard of.

St Joseph REC Center photo and info
puppy being blown by fan

Put out the first list. Left some out that should have been there, stepped on some toes we didn’t mean to, but it was a place to start.
But then new places opened. A few old places closed.

SuddenLink services over flotball field

We shopped the whole thing to various community groups to run with it. But nobody bit. So, ultimately we decided to do it ourselves.
Last week we announced the dates for our first WORLD TENDERLOIN CHAMPIONSHIP as part of this year’s JoeStock Festival. (July 31, Aug 1&2.) Our friends at The Saint Joseph Music Foundation just hit ten years with their festival and changing the dates from their previous Labor Day Weekend and moving the location three blocks east to Civic Center Park are both huge developments!

And the tenderloin people are talking!

woman cleaning with towel

Have you heard of the Pursuing Pork Tenderloin group on Facebook? Oh my! We’re talking 30 thousand plus members, all crazy for that peculiarly, Midwestern delicacy. The tenderloin people travel and aren’t shy in expressing their opinions. They shared my post over and over amongst themselves and it sure sounds like folks are excited by the idea!

We’ve got our work cut out for us. We have to invent a whole new food event, inside of a music event!

But, we know lots of people won’t wait till summer. (Please, don’t!) You can come get a delicious St. Joe Tenderloin today! Whatever type you like, there’s one (or more than one) for you. Thick and juicy, pounded thin to ridiculous proportions, or something in between. Grilled, Battered, Breaded, Fried. Whatever type trips your tenderloin trigger. Each one made on site. No stamped-out food-service patties on our list.

We also left off the once-a-week and once-a-month places even though there are some good ones. We may add a category for those later. We also left off a few decent ones from the corporate chain places. You can find those without our help. We’re about driving daily traffic to local places. Sorry if that rubs anybody the wrong way.

So, here it is. Our updated map for “St. Joseph, Missouri – Tenderloin Capital of the World.” Yeah, we realize a few are outside St. Joe. If they’re on here, it’s because our readers think it’s worth the trip. Will it be the last update? Heck, no! We’ll probably have to update it again, prior to the festival. But we’d be thrilled if you tried any of these local places anytime. Bet you can find a St. Joe Tenderloin, just the way you like it, and if it takes you a few tries to make up your mind… well, you win!

We’d love comments on your favorites. We’ll also continue to listen to nominations.

We’re also looking for photos of people eating St. Joe Tenderloins. You could make the cover of our new Joe Visitor paper, coming out early spring. Send your pics to email@theregularjoepaper.com. We’ll come up with a prize for the winner.

In the meantime, here’s the new map. Enjoy! And as always, we beg forgiveness in advance for any errors or omissions. We’re making it up as we go along.

Montgomery & Son Trash Truck

10 thoughts on “Our Updated Tenderloin Map”

  1. I LOVE a good Tenderloin and when I come back home I must get one. My first experience with a Tenderloin began when as a very young teenager
    I was employed at the My-T-Mo Drive-In
    In the 1300 block on No 4th St or St Joseph Ave . Marge Haynes, the owner made the Tenderloins from scratch and I helped her. Unable to find Tenderloin Sandwiches here in Texas, when I need my Tenderloin fix and can’t come home to get one … I make my own. I do not want a pre made frozen Patty .. only a fresh breaded homemade one. They must start with a Pork Tenderloin and not just a Pork Loin. Hand breading cinches it.

  2. Why is Pappy’s not on this list? We have Tenderloin Tuesday every Tuesday night and have won readers choice multiple times.

  3. You need to try Woodys in Agency, Mo. Just a convenient store but they are feeding the community with some great food. I live in Indianapolis now and when I come back, I always stop in for my tenderloin.

  4. I have had 6 on the list Good Time Charlie’s has my # 1 vote. One place was omitted from the list
    And that is Paulas Place in Craig Mo. Just off of I-29

  5. You forgot one of the BEST! The Cafe at Rosecrans operated by Cheryl who used to own the Dinky Dinner. She will get my vote and many others too as the best tenderloin in St. Joseph MO

  6. You forgot one of the best tenderloins in St Joseph and she has won best of the best! Cheryl over at the Cafe at Rosecrans Airport! She has one of the best hand cut and pounded breaded or grilled tenderloin in 4 states! She used to own and operate the Dinky Dinner and we are sure happy she found the airport with her home cooking and homemade pies! I know me and my friends that eat at her establishment regularly will vote her #1. Update your map and be sure to add The Cafe at Rosecrans! Many of my fellow airplane pilots fly in just eat there

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