October 18, 2021

Celebrating the Coolest Local Stuff

OK, Maybe I Was Wrong! (There’s Still Time to Vote for your Favorite Tenderloin!)

By Jay Kerner 

We hated cancelling our World Tenderloin Championship due to health concerns this summer.  In an attempt to hold on to any momentum we’d built for the event, we decided to do online voting instead.  At $1 per vote, and one vote per email address, we’d eliminate anybody stuffing the ballot box, and maybe generate some much-needed funds toward next summer.  Our friends at The St. Joseph Music Foundation (a registered Non-Profit) get the money. 

We opened the voting for our Top Tenderloin of 2020 in early July and you came out swinging.  Our fears that this would be perceived as a “St. Joe thing” evaporated, as votes came in for places all over the map. 

I sent info to media outlets in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri. We reached out to the Food Network. 

We prepared for the onslaught of interview requests. 

None came. 

And after the initial burst of votes, barely a trickle since. 

I expected it to build and build.  Maybe I was wrong. 

Maybe the same folks that drive for hours to sample a sandwich they’ve only seen online, won’t vote for one.  I thought for sure that they would.  I opened my big mouth and predicted big things. 

Now there’s only one week left for voting and I may have to eat my words.  I hate that! 

Not the being wrong part.  I do that all the time.  But I hate missing on the passion!  I was counting on it. 

As much as we could use the seed money for next summer’s event, this was a chance to document the interest.  We’d have loved to brag about the numbers when we visit potential sponsors this winter.  Bottom line, the results of this online vote, will be reflected in next year’s event.  No way around it. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom!  There’s still time!  Go tohttps://regularjoepaper.com/the-best-tenderloin/ to vote for your favorite.  It costs one dollar by Paypal.  You have until Sunday, August 30th.  We’ll announce the winner on Labor Day, September 1st

Promote it on your own social media.  Get your favorite place to post a link on their own websites and facebook pages.  Call your local media folks and solicit their help.  There’s still time! 

I still believe in you, “Tenderloin Nation”, and know you’ll come through for us!  How about it?