September 25, 2021

Celebrating the Coolest Local Stuff

Tenderloin Dreams While Eating Crow

By Jay Kerner 

I apologize. 

It is with extreme embarrassment that I report there will be NO ANNOUNCED WINNER, in our Top Tenderloin of 2020 Contest.  Sorry.  Can’t do it. 

There were votes.  Not many, but some.   

But not nearly enough to let anybody brag about the title.   

We think the future of our event is too big to ruin our credibility over my ill-conceived attempt to salvage something from this year’s pandemic-canceled event.   

We want our championship to mean something!  We want the best of the best from all over the map to come here to “St. Joseph, Missouri – Tenderloin Capital of the World®” for impartial judging.  And we want our winner to brag!  Our runner-ups, too.  We want honorable mention to be worth bragging about. 

I’m telling the Music Foundation to keep what little cash came in, while I personally, refund any and all voters who want their dollar back, out of my own pocket.  It won’t break me.  There weren’t that many of you. 

Again, I apologize.  To the nice folks who took the time and trouble to vote. 

To the Music Foundation, for getting your hopes up. 

To our IT guy who busted his hump to put it together without compensation. 

I got some feedback along the way if anyone’s interested.  Seems the dollar was a big deal.  Sounded like a money grab to some folks.  Which it was, of course.  Thought we’d explained that up front, but it still turned some people off.  We reasoned if millions vote for the next America’s Got Talented Dance Idols  or whatever, at however much a call, surely a bunch would spend a buck to vote for their favorite Tenderloin. 

We thought wrong. 

So, if you would like a refund, respond to this with the email address you voted with.  I’ll send you back your dollar, myself. 

And excuse me if I don’t post anything about Tenderloins for a while.  I’ve got the lousy taste of crow in my mouth and nothing tastes particularly good right now. 

Feel free to respond and let me have it!  I deserve it, and take full responsibility for this debacle.