June 1, 2020

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We’d Love to Turn You On….. to The Dan Patrick Show

We never get tired of hearing that we turned you on to something cool. A restaurant, a band, a movie, a book, an event. Whatever. It never gets old.

By Jay Kerner

We never get tired of hearing that we turned you on to something cool. A restaurant, a band, a movie, a book, an event. Whatever. It never gets old.

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Just the other day, somebody thanked me for my piece on CBS Sunday Morning. It’s now a “regular” watch for her like it is for us. I’ve heard that, several times in the year since it first ran.

So, I thought the timing was perfect for turning you on to another program we watch in our house.

Facebook friends may have seen my recent post about attending The Dan Patrick Show during Super Bowl Week in Miami. I heard from a few of you later that you had trouble finding the show. I understand.
It’s on Direct TV and Satellite Radio, and of course has a mobile app, but I’d watched on a popular cable network, before the show moved to a sports streaming service a year ago. It proved to be problematic. You could still get it, but not without a lot of effort and wait time. I hated it but I still watched.

But there’s news. Starting this week, The Dan Patrick show is now live on YouTube, Mon-Fri, 8am-11am CST!

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Easy to find. Quick easy stream. But that’s not all.

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You now have new options. First, you can watch today’s show anytime later, if you can’t catch it live. Second, they have added a half hour condensed version of just the highlights, for those pressed for time.
I’ve been watching since day 1 of the change, and I’m pretty pleased so far!

So, now that it’s so much easier to access, let me tell you why we watch it.

Start with the boss. Dan Patrick is one of the most recognizable faces in sports broadcasting. I became a fan during his “Big Show” years, co-hosting with Keith Olbermann on ESPN. A pro in every sense, but with just a touch of snark. Somewhere along the way he became friends with comedian, Adam Sandler who has continued to give him cameos in his sports-themed movies.

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He later changed networks, hosting NFL broadcasts and has even handed the Lombardi Trophy to the Super Bowl winner. He’s interviewed almost every big name in sports.

And a dozen years ago he jumped onto the podcast wave and started broadcasting from a makeshift studio in the attic of his home in Milford, Connecticut.

He brought on a team of four younger co-hosts, lovingly referred to as the Danettes. Their three-hour show is a mix of sports, entertainment, current events, trivia, bets and dares.

But mostly it’s banter. Between Dan and the Danettes, his guests and callers. It’s mostly good-natured, snarky fun.

The whole thing takes place in the “Man Cave,” which is as close to a sports heaven as can be imagined. A basketball court, a golf simulator, a giant scoreboard, and every wall or flat surface covered with memorabilia.

And remember, the whole thing is basically a radio show that we get to watch. When that audience gets a series of commercials, those watching, see Dan and the boys shoot free throws or drive the green at Pebble Beach. Or drink coffee. Or call their mom. It’s a different viewing experience, but one that’s become our household default.

You can have your Good Morning America, Live with Whoever and Whoever else. We watch these knuckleheads most mornings. I say we, because the Queen is a new convert. With her retirement last fall, she went from “Are you watching that again?” to turning it on before I do.
She loves Dan now. When we were lucky enough to attend the show in person during Super Bowl week, she was like a kid at a Justin Bieber concert or something. It was funny to watch.

So, anyway, check out the Dan Patrick Show, now on Youtube. It’s easy to find, and it’s free. It feels like hanging around with good friends. Shooting a few baskets, telling a few stories, and giving each other crap.

If you do, and you like it, let us know. It’s why we continue to do this stuff.

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