October 31, 2020

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Regular Joe’s Writing Group

Who We Are

Welcome to the Kearney writing group. We are an open group focused on the writing craft for all genres and styles. During our monthly meetings, we will discuss stories through different perspectives in a workshop setting. We will also discuss storytelling elements and invite guest speakers to visit with us. If you are a writer and need readers, please consider joining. As a member, your stories will receive consideration for The Regular Joe online and print edition. If you just love to read new stories, that’s great too!

Our monthly meetings are in person at the Fire House Community Center in Kearney, Mo. and online (attendees will receive a link before the meeting). If you are in the area check them out, they have a ton of great activities and programs for kids and adults!

Types of stories may include:

  • News and journalism
  • Narrative journalism
  • Memoir
  • Short stories
  • Novel excerpts
  • Essays

How it Works

  1. Join the Writer’s Group below.
    • Non-members are still welcome to attend a meeting, but joining allows us to prioritize members’ work for readings.
  2. RSVP for an upcoming meeting and upload a story if you would like a pre-read.
    • Please upload at least one week prior to the monthly meeting.
    • You may bring printed prose to the meeting but uploading first gives readers a chance to spend time and reflect on your work and lets members who cannot attend read and comment.
  3. Members and attendees will receive a password to the stories of the month about a week before the meeting. They will also receive the Zoom link for the upcoming meeting.
    • They may leave comments and thoughts online or simply discuss your story in the meeting if they attend.
    • Uploading gives your story a better chance to reach readers.

Members and attendees, please click the links below to read and comment on submitted stories. Use the provided password. If you did not receive a password via email for the month please contact Shannon Bond. If you prefer not to leave comments online, please print them, and bring them to our next meeting!

Stories and Meeting Dates

August 26September (TBD)October (TBD)November (TBD)December (TBD)

Meeting RSVP & Story Upload

Please RSVP for the upcoming meeting and include a story (or part of a story) if you would like to give members a chance to read. If you do not have a story to share, just click the RSVP only box.

RSVP & Story Upload



Join the Group

If you would like to join the Kearney Writer’s group please submit your name and email address below.

  • You will receive regular updates about meetings and upcoming events.
  • Your stories will be considered for publication on The Regular Joe.

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