Patee Park Steam Engine Getting Much Needed Restoration

By Matthew Boulton

My name is Matthew Boulton. I am new to the Saint Joseph area, recently moving here from Richhill, Mo.

In years past I have volunteered on several steam locomotive restoration projects across the country. Now I set my sights on CB&Q 5614 in Patee Park as my final steam project.

My interest in steam locomotives goes back to my childhood in the late 60’s. Now my sights are set on 5614 and at least restoring her to the condition she was in when donated to Saint Joseph.
Because Saint Joseph’s history is steeped in CB&Q history and in the American railroading, the value of this locomotives’ contribution to local and state history can not be under-scored enough, and warrants it being restored to its former glory.

While some work has been done, much remains to return it to that condition. I wonder if there are those in the area that also wish to contribute to the effort of making 5614 a shining example of local pride?

St Joseph REC Center photo and info
puppy being blown by fan

To date and to the best of my knowledge, only Mr. Bolin and myself with the assistance of the City Parks Department and a few local companies support this goal. I ask the community if there are any others out there that care. If you are please contact me at Thank you!

SuddenLink services over flotball field
Montgomery & Son Trash Truck

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