Find Your Trail Adventures, Shopping, and Bike Gear in Smithville, Missouri

Mountain bike leaning against rock in front of Smithville Lake in Missouri.

Smithville has it all if having it all for you means great single-track, miles of paved trails winding along the lake’s shore, beaches, and camping. For mountain bikers and hikers, the single-track trailheads are located at Smokin Davies and Sailboat Cover in Paradise, Missouri. For the campers, there are three campsites. Camp Branch and Crows Creek are on the east side of the lake (close to the small town of Paradise). That side of the lake is also home to more than 20 miles of lakeside paved trails, which connect to the single-track on the north side. And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention our good friends at Captain’s Corner and Paradise Ice Cream Parlor. There is even a new shop where you can find all your locally produced goods. On the west side of the lake, you have camping at Smith’s Fork, paved and gravel trails, and a route taking you directly downtown, where restaurants, sweets shops, and coffee await.

The single-track is cross-country style with a few technical spots and minimal climb. The wildlife is abundant, and the smile-inducing flow will keep riders happy for hours. Riders and hikers will come upon sweeping lake views during their time on the trails. Routes are well-marked, and paved trails wind through the twisting off-road trails. For more information about the trails and to check open status, visit earthriders.com. For maintenance or a new bike, visit the Smithville Bike Coop downtown. The owner, who happens to also be the mayor, carries used and new bikes. Merchandise is priced well, and the knowledgeable staff is always ready to help with questions and information.

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