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Kearney, Missouri Enrichment in 2022

Kearney Enrichment Council Logo - Colorful graphic tree with words underneath. Working together to improve the quality of life in Kearney.

by Kurt Hamilton
As we wrap up 2022, we look back at many new accomplishments. First, we gathered support to purchase a new building. The Spark Academy will become the home of hundreds of kids each year. This space allows us to continue to grow our youth programs to new heights. In addition to this excitement, we have secured a new home for our senior programming. The Kearney Senior Center is now open five days a week. The Kearney Enrichment Council (KEC) has absorbed the Kearney Community Foundation, in order to provide more resources, needs, and programming. We are excited to welcome new team members and to be able to serve even more seniors in 2023. Lastly, no other organization in our community can help tackle the ongoing issue of rural homelessness. We have supported over 300 families in our rental assistance program. This leads us to our 2023 goals of finding new partnerships and funding mechanisms to be able to continue supporting this critical need. The KEC will continue to find opportunities to do even more. Thank you for your continued support, as we look forward to an exciting another year!

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